Secura Milk Frother and Warmer

Secura Automatic Electric Milk Frother and Warmer offer both hot and cold milk froth for cappuccinos. It has a maximum volume of 125 ml for froth milk making, and 250ml for hot milk preparation. This is a fantastic product that has attracted a lot of positive reviews from users in different parts of the world. This article reviews this product deeply. It will also cover the main its main features. This way, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding purchasing. Well, let us begin.

One of the basic things to examine when contemplating the purchasing of such a product is the ease of cleaning. Actually, it is a basic consideration when an individual thinks of acquiring kitchen appliances. Well, the ease of cleaning is among the greatest features of the frother. You only remove the whisk and then submerge it in hot water to access all the milk remains. Thereafter, you can use a soapy sponge for rinsing the inside parts. This only takes seconds. The best way of handling the frother is to always clean it immediately after pouring out the milk to ensure it does not get dry. If you let it dry, you may be required to put in more efforts.

Main Features of the Product

The following are some of the main features that characterize the device
• It has a capacity of 125 ml for milk froth and 250ml for hot milk preparation.
• It has an appropriate two maximum and one minimum indicator. There is the maximum level for milk frother and another maximum level for milk warmer as well as the minimum milk level indicator.
• The exterior part is made of stainless-steel exterior insulated with a vacuum. It also has a detachable base and a free cleaning brush.
• It is in accordance with the North American Electrical standards, only120v. More importantly, it has a two-year guarantee.
• If you have to make hot drinks, simply press the ON/OFF switch only once and release immediately and both the heater and frother will turn on. You can then hold on the ON/OFF button for up to 3 seconds and the frother will turn on, but the heater will not. This offers some cold drinks.
• The device comes with a brush for easy cleaning. Allow some warm water to soak within the frother to slacken off the film where necessary.

Reviews and Ratings

From the above features, it is unquestionable that this is a product we all need. It is very beneficial with a lot of attractive features. Briefly then, let us examine some of the users’ reviews and see what else we can learn about the product.

One of the users said the product worked exactly as advertised and that she could not even attempt to compare it to similar products. She feels it is a significant improvement to the steaming wand integrated into her espresso device that failed to work many times. Nevertheless, the same user came back and downgraded it to one star because after a few months of use, averagely once a day, the heating device failed to work. The milk froth could no longer heat. Even after replacing the frothing accessory a heating one, it still failed to heat. She says she has really tried using the hot milk but it does not froth completely. Too bad for her, the return window had been closed.

Another customer claims that after two months of use, it stopped frothing all together. She says she was even as careful as not let the bottom part come to contact with water, and even if that could be the case, then the device is not kitchen friendly. She feels the product does not live up to the expectations.

There was also a client who suggested that he could even give the product zero stars if possible. As a coffee fantastic, he got depressed when it failed to work as he was preparing his breakfast. The device had only lasted three months when it stopped working. He contacted Amazon over the return policy but had been linked to the manufacturer to try troubleshooting first. Unfortunately, he missed the return window. In the end, he says he not only received a terrible product but was also pushed off by Amazon, preventing him from returning it. Imagine how disappointing that must have been.

The final one had an interesting assertion. She feels that when it comes to consumer electronics, good technological specs are not enough, but rather reliability is key. No single person would love replacing such devices, recycling the old ones. The product became useless after a few months of use.


The product appears to be having some very attractive features. However, from users’ reviews, it seems vague. Many users reviewed it positively. But, some said it can only work up to the warranty period then fails. You, therefore, need to be careful and considers a lot of factors before making a buying decision.

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