CISNO Battery Powered Portable Espresso Maker Review

If you a coffee lover such that you cannot go for a day without taking a few cups of coffee, then I would recommend purchasing the CISNO portable espresso maker. Just as the name states, this espresso maker is mobile, and thus you can move with it anywhere you are going. The device is equipped with all the necessary parts that will enable you to make your favorite cup of coffee at any time of the day and from any location.

CISNO portable espresso maker review

Special features of this portable espresso maker are:

• Lightweight.

This is the first feature that makes this espresso maker ideal for traveling with. It is crafted in a lightweight form for comfortable carrying around. The standard height of the device also allows one to slip it in the backpack. So you can bring it when going camping or even hiking with our friends.

• Boils water.

The espresso maker is powered by a lithium battery which is capable of boiling water to the right temperatures for making your coffee. The device heats water to 90 degrees while the coffee can reach a heating or boiling point of 65 degrees.

• 15 bar pressure pump.

This is the feature which allows you to brew the coffee depending on your preferred flavor. The device is equipped with 15 high-pressure bar pump ideal for opening up the taste and aromas of the coffee capsule used during the brewing process. In return, you get the right amount of cream in your brewed coffee.

• Automatic pump.

Making your coffee with this device is hassle-free since it does not require too much effort to get it running. The espresso maker features an automatic button for pumping such that, ones you add your ingredients, the device will directly brew the coffee without you monitoring it all the time or controlling the brewing process manually.

• 12v car charger.

The good thing about this portable coffee maker is that it does not limit you the places where you can use it. It comes with a car charger which allows you to plug it in your car charging dock to make your coffee while still driving. Ones you plug the coffee maker to the car charge dock, it will automatically be electrified by the car power supply. This feature also enables one to brew coffee even when their battery runs out of charge.

• One button operation.

Aside from making your brewing control easy and efficient, the one button operation makes it possible for a beginner to use the machine.

• Automatically preheats the water.

Even if you are not sure about the temperature of the water that you had heated before, this device will still make the best coffee because it automatically preheats the water before the brewing process takes place.


• The machine is easy to carry around.

• It is easy to clean because the brewing parts are removable for cleaning.

• It preheats water for efficient coffee making.

• The device can be sued even in cars.

• The materials used for crafting this device are sturdy and durable.


• It is only compatible with the Nespresso capsules.

• The battery does not last for long, and thus you have to buy an extra one separately.

• Some customers have complained about the battery taking a long time to charge.

• It cannot be used with other coffee cups like K-cup.


Who’s this portable battery-powered portable espresso maker suitable for?

This coffee maker is ideal for all people who love to take coffee often. But some of the people who are limited to enjoying their cup of coffee whenever they wish are the travelers. So, this portable machine would be more appropriate for them. The fact that you can make coffee at different room temperatures using this machine makes it convenient to use. It is powered by a rechargeable battery and therefore, you can always recharge it or buy an extra battery to ensure that you continually enjoy your coffee.

If you love camping or hiking, you can still tag this coffee espresso along. It is crafted in lightweight form considering it only weighs 1.9 pounds, and the height is standard for fitting in the majority of backpacks.

You can comfortably make your coffee while in your car as it can be charged with the vehicle charge station and the available one button operation feature makes the brewing process to be smooth and quick. So, get this fantastic portable coffee maker and experience its excellent features.

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