Capresso Pro Automatic Milk Frother Review


Capresso 202.04 automatic milk frother is a free-stand machine that weighs 3 pounds and has a size of 12 ounces. It produces flawlessly lathered and steamed milk that is perfect for hot chocolates, lattes, and cappuccinos. The heating and frothing disks of this automatic machine safely store at the base bottom. The milk decanter is made of a see-through lid and can be dish washed.

This prevents breakage and careless handling as one can easily see how he or she is cleaning the jar. The automatic milk frothier also has illuminated controls for selecting temperatures such as warm, hot or cold. The machine goes for 48.89 dollars and is convenient for home use as you can froth your milk at any time.

The PRO automatic milk frother is perfect for hot chocolates and lattes because of its warm, hot and cold temperatures. It produces an ideal frothing action by whipping air into the milk lightly but quickly while heating the milk to one of the temperatures hot, warm or cold. It also has a double auto shut off to operate softly.

This machine is not only used for making dairy products but can also be used for making non-dairy products including almond and soy milk. One of the disks is fitted into the milk jug and the second heating disk is kept beneath the lower side of the appliance.


The manufacturers provide warranty and manuals to their customers showing them how to use the electric appliance. Before first use, it is advised that the disks and milk jars be cleaned in warm running water, making sure that the base of the Capresso froth pro automatic milk frothier is not soaked in water.

The Capresso machine has a minimum and maximum points where milk should not be less than or more than the labeled marks. If the milk quantity exceeds the marked point “MAX F” there will be spillovers from the hot milk from the pitcher onto the heating stage. The results were extreme damage to the interior parts of the milk frother.

Cleaning process

The cleaning process of the Capresso involves several steps that should be taken into considerations in order for the machine to last long.

Firstly, it should be unplugged immediately after use and left for some time to cool down. This makes the washing process more comfortable because it can be held at hand comfortably without being burnt.

Second, the heating and frothing disks should be detached from the milk jar and cleaned under warm running water and left to dry completely. The top lid and the milk jar should be washed separately as they are safe being cleaned using a dishwasher. The heating plate should be wiped with a moist cloth to prevent discoloration and quick damage.

Baking soda may also be used to avoid discoloration especially in cases where milk has spilled over the heating plate.

One major limitation that is experienced with this machine is that there is a limited warranty. The warranty is usually in effect for one year from the exact date of purchase and is limited to consumers from the United States of America. The manufacturing company, Jura Capresso, repairs the machine only if returned within the duration of the warranty and delivers it to the destination.

Any device that is purchased outside the above manufacturing company is not covered in the warranty as they do not accept these products.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs) include:

Q. Can the product be used to just heat the milk without frothing?
A. Yes. This is possible because there is a separate heating button that is just used to heat without frothing.

Q. Does the machine also steam milk?
A. No. it does not steam milk as it is only used to heat and froth.

Q. Where can one get the replacement parts in case of faultiness?
A. The spare parts are got from the manufacturing company only.

Q. How can one determine the maximum point that one should fill the jar?
A. The milk jar has a maximum point labeled “MAX F” which should not be exceeded when filling the jar. When exceeded, it causes spillovers which can discolor the heating plate.


In Conclusion, the Capresso froth pro automatic milk frother is the best machine that anyone can use when making unforgettable lattes, hot chocolates, and cappuccinos. It is affordable, easy to clean and with a warranty that expires one year after the date of purchase. The milk jar is easy to clean because it is transparent and visible when cleaning.

The machine also has different temperatures such as warm, hot and cold. The disks are cleaned under warm running water and washed with baking soda in case milk spills over the heating surface. This is done to prevent discoloration of the machine and to keep it safe for use for a more extended period.

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