Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Reviews

The majority of people love a good cup of coffee. Whether you like a single serve or 12-cup, regular or decaf, you require a coffee maker that will blow a cup of joe to your liking. Hamilton Beach coffee maker has a machine for the aficionado and java novice alike regardless of the strength or the roast providing you with different coffee drinking preferences. They have coffee makers with different coffee making choices and sizes. Hamilton Beach coffee makers are mostly known for their low prices and ease of use. This article goes through the most popular and best Hamilton beach coffee maker review in the market.

Best Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Reviews: 49980A, 48464, 49983A, 46201, 49981A, 48465

1. Hamilton Beach 49980A

Hamilton beach 49980A is immensely useful and affordable. It contains thermos settings and full pot that have a dual operation. A warming plate is in place keep the hot coffee longer. This Hamilton Beach coffee maker have options of both twelve cup carafe and single-serve option. A single pour enables people with their mugs or thermos to brew their coffee while it can also be filled for people who want to pour a cup of coffee.

In terms of preferences, Hamilton beach 49980A coffee maker has multiple programming features to make your coffee fast and reliably. It has regular and bold strength options that help to give you the taste of your desire the programming features gives you a twenty-four cycle control including an automatic two hours’ shutoff to promote saving energy. More so, it is worth to mention that this Hamilton beach maker has the best classing design and elegance. It has a curved profile with a stainless steel piece that is well detailed. Traditional coffee makers have nothing new to learn to make it easy for them to replace a coffee machine for multiple people. However, this model brews one side at a time hence needs you to switch forth and back between cup and carafe. It would be best if you filled the carafe first.

2. Hamilton Beach (49981A)

Here we are talking about the scoop series by Hamilton Beach coffee makers. With this, you can prepare a hot brewing coffee for yourself that is similar to those gourmet machine coffees. The Hamilton coffee maker is easy to use involving only three processes that are scoop, place, and brew. You will have fewer worries preparing your cup of tea. A whole machine is a standalone unit that requires no extra equipment’s to function. As proof of its uniqueness and quality, the industrial society of America awarded Hamilton beach 49981A for its design of using coffee grinds other than packed coffee pods.

Hamilton beach 489981A is made of stainless steel that makes it long lasting and reliable. In less than ninety seconds, you will be able to brew approximately eight ounces of coffee. It can produce both bold and regular coffee. However, it is advisable that you use freshly roasted beans for best results. A mesh filter inside this coffee maker enables you to choose from different flavors including vanilla, and caramel depending on the brewing strength. You should ensure the L-shaped cup is placed in the right way for better brewing. You can adequately set the travel mugs on top of the drip tray when going out for fun and have some coffee shots on your travel.

3. Hamilton Beach (48464) Coffee Maker

Hamilton beach 48464 is one of the unique and best coffee makers. It gives you convenient dispensing with one hand up to a capacity of twelve cups. The unique feature is that the dispensing is performed with no inbuilt glass carafe. An inbuilt enclosed structure maintains the coffee warm by keeping the heat within it for hours. It is important to know that you need to drop the coffee tank, filter basket and water reservoir of this Hamilton Beach coffee maker in a hot and soapy solution before you start using it. However, you should never place the reservoir and coffee tank in a dishwasher. Its programmable set up has an option of customizing it up to four hours. The stainless steel control panel material gives it an elegant and classic look. Customize your coffee drink to bold, iced and regular brewing strength with this coffee maker.

Hamilton 48464 beach coffee maker has a slight difference in terms of its functionality as compared to the standard drip coffee brewer. The coffee is brewed inside a water tank instead of a carafe. The poring is made easy, and even without a carafe, you can dispense the coffee by just using a single hand. For people who are not careful handlers of delicate stuff, this model is best for you. It has no fragile components hence less damage and breaking. In case you get an error message in terms of pour water beeping sound while you are working, it is only a technical issue that requires to contact the officials for fixing. As you go out for shopping, ensure that you check out the quality and system features of this Hamilton beach coffeemaker and decide whether it is the best for you.

4. Hamilton Beach 49983 2-Way FlexBrew Coffeemaker

This is a two-way flex blew coffeemaker that enables you to prepare twelve cup carafe coffee as well as single cup coffee. Hamilton Beach 49983 offers different cup size support and multiple choices as compared to other models. You can make a standard size coffee as well as a fourteen-ounce coffee for a travel mug. Moreover, it has an adjustable cup rest allows both travel and standard cups enabling you to place both of them on the same resting place. Most of its parts are easy to clean as they are dishwasher safe. Its stainless material makes it durable and long lasting.

This Hamilton Beach coffee maker comes with an automatic shut-off feature which becomes automatically enabled after two hours of inactivity. You can customize the time depending on your requirements. It also has K-cup pods compatibility. We have noted complains from customers about the K-cup feature. People complain that it gets out of control and makes the place messy by spilling water. You can conveniently avoid the spill trouble by getting the K-cup issue dealt with before starting to use the machine.

5. Hamilton Beach 46201 12-Cup Coffee Maker

Hamilton beach 46201 is one of the best coffee makers in the market. It has a clean and compact design that gives it an elegant look. It occupies a minimal counter space making it the best accessory for your kitchen. Its programmable clock is set to shut off after two hours of idleness automatically. Its wheeled base makes the water reservoir to be quick and fast access. Moreover, Hamilton beach 46201 comes with a swing-out brew basket together with release button.


Whether you are brewing coffee for a large group or preparing it for a few cups, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker is ideal for all your needs of delicious and consistently fresh coffee. It is easy to clean, attractive and looks great on your countertop.

6. Hamilton Beach 48465

Hamilton Beach 48465 is the best coffee maker for those on the go. Its keen desire that has been manufactured with consumer insights in mind makes your life easier. This is the only coffee maker that can keep your coffee fresh for more than four hours due to its component of Hamilton beach brew station. By just a touch of a button, the summit ultra-efficiently dispenses the brew one cup at a time. Just press the bar to dispense and is ready when you are ready. Its ultra-bulky design makes it eminent in your kitchen. The tank is insulated keeping your coffee warm and fresh for longer. Tall tumblers can be held well by the dispenser tray.

Similar to a traditional drip coffee maker, Hamilton beach 48465 makes up to twelve cups but holds the coffee in an internal tank. It does not need any carafe. Its automatic programming enables t to maintain a fresh brewed flavor with the internal heater keeping the coffee fresh and hot for up to four hours. You can hence refresh yourself with a hot cup of coffee throughout your morning. The removable internal water reservoir makes this coffee maker easy to clean. This Hamilton beach 48465 has nothing fragile to replace or break due to the absence of a glass carafe. Instead, the brew station helps you to prepare various coffee brewing options including regular, bold and small batches. This is the coffee maker to purchase for easy cleaning and fill-up. Its brewing options and programmable controls give you ultimate brewing options for twenty-four hours in advance.

7. Hamilton Beach 47950

This is a twelve cup dispensing coffee maker that is worth to mention. Its removable reservoir replaces the glass carafe old design. You will not have frequent breaks from now onwards. Also, this Hamilton Beach coffee maker has made filling the water reservoir tank easier. The reservoir offers you with continues multiple coffee cups without refilling it continuously due to its large size. It has a water level indicator that notifies you when water refilling is needed.

A brew station tank is included in the Hamilton Beach 47950 to help maintain right coffee temperatures without burning the coffee. This concept is crucial as the system may burn your coffee on continuous heat if not properly checked. Hamilton has an automatic check to keep the coffee on the check. Additionally, your coffee preferences are well taken care of as it can make bold, regular an iced coffee. The processing is made more comfortable as it comes with measurements to indicate the amount of water and ice level required to prepare a delicious cup of coffee.

Features to Consider When Buying Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker

· Brew Time

Today, everyone is time conscious. That is why you need to consider how quick the brew time is. You don’t want for so long for your coffee to brew. The usual maximum brew time today is about fifteen minutes. However, you want a Hamilton beach coffee maker that takes lesser time.

· Strength Options

You want your coffee to have different flavors according to your preferences. Most of the above mentioned Hamilton coffee makers have inbuilt filters that give them two or three strength options. You can hence have the coffee preference of your choice. Also, ensure the coffee maker has no over extraction issues that can alter the flavor of your coffee.

· Mobility

Mobility is a vital factor to consider when purchasing a Hamilton coffee maker. This is mainly for people looking for a travel tour coffee maker. If you want a coffee maker on your go, you can pick one with wheels for quick adjustment or small size that you can quickly pick up.

· 2-way Options

Hamilton Beach coffee makers are either one way or two ways. For many coffee drinkers such as offices, a 2-way option offers the perfect solution. It can fill a single serve mug or a carafe as required. For a few people, you can buy a single serve Hamilton beach coffee maker.

· Design

All the top models reviewed above have accents of stainless steel. This gives them an elegant look that matches other modern appliances in your kitchen. If you want to give your kitchen a stylish and classic look, the design is something you should think about.

· Timers

The best Hamilton beach maker should be automatically programmable for twenty-four hours. An automatic shutoff after two hours helps to prevent wear and tear while saving power. When you go out to buy a coffee maker, ensure it has such basic features. Though some other coffee makers have advanced timers with sensors and smartphone control, Hamilton beach coffee maker models are made to save money other than adding tech features.


The above Hamilton coffee makers make our top best recommendations. With a lot of options available in the market, these make the best choice for the value of your money. They are the market products that rank high with fantastic reviews from experts and consumers. Other than their adaptability to different coffee -drinking preferences, they are easy to use and affordable. Make a step today and buy one of the listed coffee makers for the best results.

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