Aeroccino 3 vs Aeroccino 4 vs Aeroccino Plus

We all love the taste of hot cappuccino or if you prefer a latte, whether you are kickstarting your morning or in the office or even when you’re just relaxing. For most of us, we have to go down to Starbucks and get it or spend the extra bucks to have it delivered through the newly introduced Uber Eats delivery system for those of us living in Washington and Seattle. Well, you don’t have to anymore.

With the new Nespresso milk frother, the Aeroccino brings convenience, relief, and simplicity into your home or workplace. The milk frother can be easily purchased from the comfort of your home through Amazon and have it delivered.

Aeroccino 3 vs Aeroccino 4 vs Aeroccino plus – Nespresso Milk Frothers Comparison

The Aeroccino Nespresso milk frother has two main features on it; warm and cold frothing of milk depending on your preference. The frothing can be prepared on both cold and hot milk for your cappuccino or hot milk for your café latte. This is achieved by a detachable base connected to a power cord that transfers power to the frother and the two sets of whisks. The power is converted to heat for warming the milk.

One of the whisks is spiral which is made of a spiral wire that is enfolded around a gauge round wire which is mounted between the two points of the plastic former with a significant opening. This allows the whisk to generate more froth when used. The other whisk is the plain whisk, and unlike the spiral whisk, it is made of a piece of wire wrapping around the plastic former with also an opening at the center.

One for hot milk and the other for both hot and cold froth. The whisk that is desired is placed at the base of the flask where there is a magnetic nub, and the other is put in the storage area on the top lid for the original model and in a base compartment for the second model.

Once the whisk is correctly placed on the nub, milk that is of refrigerated temperatures is poured into the frother up to one of the maximum level indicators. The bottom and top indicators are from the maximum amount for the type of milk you want.

The milk can either be whole or semi-skimmed which are the ideal. The bottom maximum line is for the froth milk while the top line is for hot milk. Only milk should be used in the frother Care is taken not to exceed either one as it will change the results and, in some cases, the whisk tends to pop out of its position on the nub. Before you start, ensure the base switch is on then you can proceed. This feature is also indicated by a green light for the newer models.

Once the milk is in, there is a button that activates upon pressing with the option for hot milk. A quick press and a red light turn on. For cold froth, the button is held down for two seconds, and a blue light turns on. The machine will run for close to a minute after which it will automatically switch itself off indicating the froth or the hot milk is ready.

I usually prefer pouring the hot milk first as I use a spoon to hold back the foam the later scoop the foam with the spoon allowing the foam to remain on top of the milk. If you were preparing a café latte, you can now pour the hot milk froth into a recipe glass and place it under the machine while you make your coffee.

After use, the device can be cleaned, and it is recommended to wash it preferably after every use. This is because the milk tends to form deposits at the bottom of the frother creating an accumulation that in turn reduces the efficiency of the frother. The switch allocated at the side of the detachable base is switched off first, and then the whisk is removed from the magnetic nub. The seal from the lid is then removed.

The parts are then rinsed under water, and a nonabrasive sponge is preferred when rinsing with cold water in order to avoid peeling off of the coating. Once done, dry it with a soft dry cloth after which you can replace the seal, and the whisks are placed inside the storage area of the detachable base and the other on the magnetic nub.

My first impression of the machine was its sleek, compact body and lightness; weighing at around two kilograms. It also comes with a simple to use manual and markings that highlight the device’s capabilities making it user-friendly.

Unfortunately, this model has been discontinued making it harder to find on the market not to mention, compared to the other two models, the Aeroccino plus it is relatively expensive yet inferior compared to the latest model; the Aeroccino 4 in terms of features and overall quality.

The first model; the Aeroccino plus Nespresso milk frother was as good as any original model. It gives you a new taste and excitement of having your own frothing machine, and you can quickly get the hang of it. Its design is a bit simplistic compared to the later models making it the easiest to operate.

The next model is the Aeroccino 3 which is a new and improved version of the Aeroccino plus. Their base functionality is, for the most part, the same. The differences are however evident in their builds with the Aeroccino 3 being taller and sleeker than the Aeroccino plus. The Aeroccino plus has a more significant capacity of 130 ml for froth milk and 250 ml for hot milk while Aeroccino 3 has a capacity of 120 ml for froth milk and 240 ml for warm milk. The newer model also comes with no handle.

The Aeroccino 3 is hands down an improvement from the previous model as it comes with an upgraded base that has a compartment for the secondary whisk and a power indicator that lights green when connected allowing you to tell whether the machine is connected to a power source or not. This is a feature that the Aeroccino plus model lacked. When it comes to the whisks, the Aeroccino 3 has longer whisks which are designed for better handling compared to the Aeroccino plus’s whisks; this makes it easier to pull them out especially if you still have a little milk left.

The latest model, the Aeroccino 4 is an even more improved version of the Aeroccino 3 with extra features like the added three options for foam types: dense, light or hot and the final one for cold froth. Once activated, the feature in use blinks continuously until the milk is ready. The Aeroccino 4 also has handle like the original model and also unlike the other two older models, the latest model is dishwasher friendly with its stainless-steel design, ceramic interior coating, and attachments. Based on these features, it’s quite apparent that the Aeroccino 4 is significantly better than both the Aeroccino 3 and the Aeroccino plus.

Though these new improvements also made the Aeroccino 4 model heavier than its predecessors

This is a definite improvement from the previous model’s Teflon interior coating and a stainless-steel exterior instead of the plastic exterior of Aeroccino 3. This together with the added frothing options makes it a better product.


In terms of quality, the Aeroccino had started out ahead of most frothers, and it has been able to maintain its edge with the introduction of newer and many improved models over the years allowing it to retain its dominance in the quality department making it a much sought-after milk frother.

Target Audience

The Aeroccino milk frothers are a jewel to coffee lovers, and it got it right. This model can be used both in the office and at home as it allows one to cut back the time it takes to go out there and buy your cappuccino or a café latte.

Most of my friends who like coffee use the Aeroccino Nespresso milk frother, and they find it very simple, quick and highly rewarding as compared to other frothers. Some went for the cheaper models, and a good friend of mine decided to go for a bigger model to fit his larger family needs.

Pros and Cons

One of the advantages of using Aeroccino is that it’s straightforward to use, you don’t have to operate on too many features as both the steaming and frothing processes have been automated. Quiet and quick saving you a lot of time that you might have spent going down to a coffee shop. It is due to these advantages that make it a preferred over steam wand and its user-friendly that presents a low risk to its users; especially when operated by children.

It also has a few drawbacks like producing less froth when using cold milk. The older models are not dishwasher friendly and may end up frying the electrical parts of the frother that interface with the base. It tends to overflow if too much milk is added past the maximum line. The Aeroccino Nespresso milk frother is also not useful when handling the needs of several people due to its limited capacity and the need for regular cleaning after every use.

Finally, the coating on the older models is prone to peeling off when regularly used. It should be noted that most of these problems were taken into account when designing the latest Aeroccino 4 model and some of the problems such as peeling of the interior coating, dishwasher friendly and cold milk frothing were fixed. Therefore, by buying the newer and improved Aeroccino 4 most of the drawbacks become nonexistent.

It is also quite easy to burn milk as the temperature levels at the base often become too high. It is for this reason, that it becomes crucial to adhere to the specifications specified for the frother.

Alternatives and How They Measure Up

Compared to other frothing machines, the Aeroccino 4 is ahead of most frothers in terms of features and durability but falls behind the Breville milk café. The Breville milk café has temperature control capabilities that all models of the Aeroccino lack as well as a much bigger milk capacity of 750 ml over the 120 ml of the Aeroccino. The controlled temperature fixes the burning milk problem that the Aeroccino model’s experience and the increased capacity proves useful for serving a large number of people before cleaning.

Breville milk café also allows for the addition of ingredients into the frother as it prepares the milk to your specifications and finally the lack of electrical parts in the jug making it easy to handle during cleaning. The only downside is its price which makes the Aeroccino brand a much-preferred option for the pocket-friendly user.

Other frothers include the hand-held milk frother which pocket-friendly compared to the Aeroccino models, but they have no heating features making you heat your milk separately before mixing it.

Another good frother is the Secura milk frother. This frother is comparable to the Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino plus models as it operates on one button. It has almost the same capacity at 125 ml for both hot and cold froth and 250 ml for warm milk.

Its design is comprised of a stainless-steel exterior just like the Aeroccino 4, but its interior is made of Teflon like the Aeroccino 3. This brand too like the Aeroccino 3 and Aeroccino plus is not dishwasher friendly which sets it back against the superior model that is Aeroccino 4. The Secura milk frother is, however, cheaper than the Aeroccino models.

Is it worth the money?

The Aeroccino, especially Aeroccino 4 is definitely worth your money as it’s hands down better than most milk frothers. The newest model; the Aeroccino 4 is one of the best models in the market, second only to Breville milk café and I would recommend it if you intend it for one or two people.

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