15 Heat Sensitive Coffee Mugs

We all have a favorite coffee mug, don’t you? But have you tried using heat sensitive coffee mugs? If not, you need to drink your coffee using these amazing coffee mugs. Heat sensitive coffee mugs have paint that is sensitive to temperature changes. You will experience magical changes on many of these mugs when you add hot liquids.

Heat sensitive paint is not only used in coffee mugs but also other products like kettles, baby bottles, and car engines among others. So, if you are in a cold season which demands to drink a lot of coffee and hot cocoa, you can drink in style if you have a heat sensitive coffee mug.

There are endless numbers of sensitive coffee mugs that you will find on the market today. If you are buying for the first time, you can experience a hard time picking the right one. With such, we have researched and compiled a list of 15 best heat sensitive coffee mugs to help you make the right choice.

1. LookHUMAN I Am Small and Sensitive But Also Fight Me Cat White 15 Ounce Ceramic Coffee Mug

Don’t just drink your coffee in your ordinary coffee mug. You can get a little sensitive with the LookHUMAN coffee mug. Get this affordable but very fierce coffee mug with a cat and a knife. The mug can hold a maximum capacity of 15 ounces which is enough to get your day started.

Not only should your coffee mug be attractive but it should also be comfortable to use. This model is designed with a large handle that provides you with a soft gripping. You can enjoy taking your favorite drink with this mug that features a wrap-around print.

Another great thing that I love about this coffee mug is ease of cleaning. The heavy-duty coffee mug is dishwasher and microwave safe, so you don’t have to worry about manual cleaning.

Important Features

· Large and comfortable handles

· Easy to clean

· It is heavy-duty

· Comes at an affordable price

· Perfect gift for cat lovers

2. Morphing Coffee Mug. 11 Ounce. Changing Color Mug Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug

Want to enjoy your coffee, chocolate, espresso or tea hot? The Morphing Coffee Mug can be a great investment. You can get rid of your old model that doesn’t keep drinks hot when yet this heat sensitive coffee mug.

This mug makes a thoughtful gift for different occasions like birthdays, retirement, housewarming, anniversary, bridal shower and much more. If you were wondering a nice gift that you can give a coffee lover on a special occasion, you could get this mug, and they will appreciate.

You can enjoy taking your favorite drink with this color changing mug that holds a maximum capacity of 11 ounces. It creates sarcastic sayings, quotes, messages, and jokes.

Important Features

· Great gift for different occasions

· Unique design

· Made with quality ceramic

· Keeps drinks hot

3. Magic Custom Color Changing Coffee Mug Cup, Personalized DIY Print Ceramic Hot Heat Sensitive Cup

If you are thinking of buying a stylish coffee mug, the Magic Custom coffee mug is a perfect selection. This Magic color changing coffee mug has a dull black color when it is cold, and the black fades away to reveal your ideal picture when you put hot drinks above 50 centidegrees.

You can make a personalized order, and they will customize the mug to meet your needs. When making your order, select the color, and then click ‘customize now’ then add the text or photo you want. You are free to include up to 15 characters when personalizing your order.

The mug is designed with a high-grade material making it durable. It is also easy to clean after use, and only hand-wash recommended. The mug features a reusable design meaning that it will go back to the black color when it is cold, and the cycle repeats itself when you put hot drinks.

Important Features

· Great color changing mug

· You can customize your order

· Makes an amazing gift

· Designed with high-quality material

· Reusable design

4. Birds on a Wire Heat Changing Mug – Add Coffee or Tea and Colorful Birds Appear

There are so many coffee mug designs on the market today, and everyone has a personal preference. Heat sensitive coffee mugs not only allow you to drink your coffee in style but also gives the mug a nice look. The Bird on a Wire Heat Changing Mug is an incredible mug any coffee or tea lover will appreciate having.

When the mug is cold, you will see some stylish silhouettes of beautiful birds on a wire. When you pour hot tea or coffee, you can now see 18 species of birds in full color. You might even forget that you are drinking your coffee and stare at the birds. Such an experience is awesome, right?

The mug comes in a colorful box, and it can hold a capacity of 10 oz. It is microwave safe but not dishwasher safe. When you need to clean it, do it manually but don’t soak the mug.

Important Features

· Color changing mug

· 10 oz capacity

· Microwave-safe

· Shows 18 bird species in full color

5. Cortunex. Morning Coffee Mug. 11 Ounce. Changing Color Mug Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug

You can change the way your early morning is and make them play with a color changing mug. Seeing the color change on your mug when you are taking your favorite hot beverage is enough reason to give you a good mood in the morning.

If you are wondering the right color changing coffee mug to buy, you can get the Cortunex. Morning Coffee Mug. This mug is a nice gift for any tea or coffee lover. It is suitable for all people regardless of their age and gender. So, you can buy it for men, women, and kids.

This reactive heat mug changes color when you pour a hot drink. It can hold up to 11-ounce capacity and made with modern ceramic that is durable. It also features a unique design on the two sides of the mug.

Important Features

· 11 ounce capacity

· Quality of modern ceramic

· Unique design

· Gift for anyone on a special occasion

6. Heat Sensitive Coffee Magic Mugs – Set of Color Cute Coffee Tea Unique Changing Heat Cup

Most of us experience morning sadness when we wake up, but you can change that with a heat sensitive coffee mug. Having this mug will improve your mood, and you will be happy drinking your coffee from a mug that changes color or features some great quotes or jokes.

You can buy the three sets of a coffee mug for your mum and dad. It tracks the temperature of your coffee so you will not have to go through the nasty experience of sipping coffee only to find out that it is cold. Make sure that you put hot liquids over 70 degrees C to activate this coffee mug.

These large coffee mugs are made with high-quality materials to provide you with a healthy way of taking your coffee. You will also get 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee when you buy this mug.

Important Features

· Tracks coffee temperature

· Comes in a set of 3

· Great for moms and dads

· 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

· Cute color changing coffee mug

7. FLY SPRAY Changing Color Coffee Mug Heat Sensitive Magic Mug

Have you been wondering how you will deal with your morning sadness? You can do that with the FLY SPRAY Changing Color Coffee Mug. As the mug changes from a sad to a happy look, so will your moods. So, fill up the mug with your drink and begin to smile.

This black coffee mug will turn white when you add a hot drink. When the color changes, you will see some printed words appearing on the cup. When the coffee gets cold, the mug will turn back to black color. You need to add a drink that is over 70 degrees C to activate the funny coffee mug.

You will enjoy using this mug because it features a nice grip handle and some funny work patterns. If you were thinking of ways to show a loved one how much you care about them, then this coffee mug can do that.

Important Features

· Color changing heat sensitive mug

· Made with healthy and non-toxic materials

· Makes a great unique present

· Easy grip handle

· Nice design

8. Heat Changing Mug, Caliamary Funny Cat Heat Changing Ceramic Coffee Mug

Are you looking for a heat sensitive mug that you can use in your office, computer desk, living room, dining room and much more? Then look no further because the Caliamary Funny Cat coffee is all you need. It is great for coffee, hot cocoa, tea or hot milk among other drinks.

When this mug is cold, it is black. When you pour a hot drink, it turns into white, and you can see the printed image. The mug is one of the most durable models on the market so you can be sure you are investing your money in the right product. It is durable and heat-resistant and keeps your drinks hot.

You can buy your family, friend or loved one this coffee mug and they will appreciate it. It holds a capacity of 11 oz and when you need to clean it, make sure you hand wash it. Also, note that it is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

Important Features

· Durable and heat-resistant

· Great for all types of hot drinks

· 100 percent customer guarantee

· Heat changing mug

9. Heat Changing Sensitive Funny Mug – Cool Coffee & Tea Unique Magic Color Changing Cup

How do you take your morning coffee or afternoon hot beverage? Would you like to change the way you drink it? If so, then get this Heat Changing Sensitive Funny Mug. It is a great way to enjoy drinking your coffee and eliminate morning sadness.

To activate this mug, fill it with your favorite hot drink with a temperature of over 70 degrees C, and it will change color. When the mug changes, you can see the battery charging fully. The battery begins to charge when you apply heat.

The mug also helps you track the temperature of your coffee, and you will know when the coffee is cold. You will no longer have to deal with the unpleasant feeling of drinking cold coffee.

Important Features

· Funny color changing mug

· Tracks coffee temperature

· Made with best materials

· Perfect gift

10. Heat Sensitive Mug | Color Changing Coffee Mug

A coffee mug is one of the most special gifts that you can give to your mom, family, a friend or loved one on a special occasion. You can also treat yourself on your birthday, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion with this heat sensitive mug.

The mug is perfect if you love cappuccino, tea, or hot chocolate. This color changing mug has a unique design on both sides, and this gives it a nice look. It also makes a perfect gift for birthdays, Christmas, housewarming appreciation among other important events.

Its exterior changes so that you can know if your coffee is hot or warm. With this coffee mug, you will not find waking up in the morning to be tough. You will always be looking forward to the next time you will have your coffee.

Important Features

· 11-ounce capacity

· Perfect for people who struggle in the morning

· Both sides feature a unique design

· Makes a nice gift

11. Cortunex. Morning Coffee Mug. 11 Ounce. Changing Color Mug for You and Your Friend. Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug

Make your morning fun with this amazing coffee mug. Drinking your coffee using this mug will make all your morning sadness go away. You can start off your day in the best mood and get the most from it. It has a colorful smoke design that you will love to see when you are enjoying your cup of coffee.

This affordable coffee mug comes in a durable gift box, and it is a perfect purchase for any coffee or tea lover. If you are buying it as a present, it will suit men, women, kids, daughters, and sons.

You can also appreciate people by gifting them this color changing coffee mug on their important events like a bridal shower, engagement, and wedding anniversary among other special events.

Important Features

· A black coffee mug that changes color

· Perfect gift for anybody who loves coffee

· Can be used for different hot drinks

12. Heat Changing Coffee Mug, Caliamary Lion Heat Sensitive Color Changing Mug Cup

If you are serious about how you take your coffee, then you will fall in love with this good-looking coffee mug. It is sensitive to heat, and when it is cold, the mug is black, but when you add a hot drink, you will see a cool lion.

This heat changing mug is ideal for men kids, and you can buy them as a special gift on their birthday. It has a perfect size for coffee, cocoa, tea, hot milk and much more.

Hand washing only recommended when you need to keep it clean. The mug is not microwave or dishwasher safe. When you buy it, you will also enjoy 30 days money-back guarantee and 100 percent customer satisfaction.

Important Features

· Heat sensitive color changing mug

· Hand wash only

· Heat resistant

· Durable

13. JOEJISN Color Changing Mug Heat Changing Mug Heat Sensitive Mug Heat Changing Sensitive Funny Mug

The Joejisn coffee mug can hold approximately 12 ounces. This is a heat sensitive mug that reveals an image when it is hot. It is designed with a sturdy ceramic material that is long lasting.

This changing coffee mug has images that are kiln for up to 1350 degrees meaning that the image will last longer without necessarily fading or scratching. It is a great mug that is designed to overcome daily use.

It has a magic battery that starts to charge when you put a hot drink. You can enjoy taking your coffee as you see the battery charging. This mug makes a great gift for your dad, mom, sister, daughter among others.

Important Features

· Holds up to 12 ounces

· Sturdy ceramic material

· Can handle daily use

· Has a battery that charges instantly

14. Antner Heat Changing Treasure Map Mug-Color Changing Magic Coffee Mug Heat Sensitive Ceramic Cup

Buying a heat sensitive coffee mug can be a great way to enjoy drinking your coffee. If you wake up with a bad mood in the morning, you can change that with the Antner Heat Changing Treasure Map Mug.

Watching the magical things that happen when you put a hot drink can get you smiling even you your day was starting badly. It shows you a treasure map that gets your eyes glued to the mug.

With this coffee mug, you can tell if your coffee is hot or not. This means that you will find yourself drinking cold coffee as compared to using other standard coffee mugs.

Important Features

· Tracks coffee temperature

· Cool gift for a coffee lover

· Made with ceramic material

· Holds up to 12 oz

15. InGwest. Morning Coffee Mug. 11 ounce. Changing Color Mug for You and Your Friend. Ceramic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Coffee Mug

Thinking of upgrading your coffee mug with a heat sensitive model? Then you can try the InGwest. Morning Coffee Mug. This mug can hold a capacity of 11 ounces and features a nice, funny smile when you put a hot drink.

Using this coffee mug will help you know if your coffee is hot or not. After all, no one wants to drink cold coffee. You can know when your coffee gets cold and avoid the unpleasant taste of drinking cold coffee.

As compared to other coffee mugs, this model changes completely not partially. When it is cold and empty, it has a sleeping face. When you add a hot drink, the whole mug becomes brighter, and you can see an awake friendly face on the blue background of the mug.

Important Features

· Heat reactive coffee mug

· Changes completely

· Hand wash only

· Tracks coffee temperature


So many people wake up feeling irritable. You can brighten your mornings when you drink your coffee in a heat sensitive coffee mug. Watching the changes on the mug can help you start your day and get the best mood. I believe after reading the reviews of the above coffee mugs; it will be easy to find the one that suits your needs.

With any of these heat sensitive coffee mugs, you can overcome your morning sadness and enjoy your day. Compare the features of each of the above coffee mugs, and I’m sure you will be in a position to pick a coffee sensitive coffee mug with the right design.

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