How To Make Spanish Latte

Spanish latte is simply a typical coffee from Spain which is white and is produced by combining a robust organic coffee with hot milk. Most people will see it as espresso on warm milk. However, some people will prefer to use condensed milk in making the Spanish latte. The beverage is ubiquitous in Spain and Latin America among the Philippines as a significant part of their breakfast. Those from the places where this drink is common would prefer to start their day by taking it as part of their cultural behavior. If they do not get a chance of taking it in the morning, they will be complaining about how their day is dull.

Spanish latte has however taken root in most nations in the world. In the developing countries, it is considered as a high-class drink in their five-star hotels. Making the Spanish latte is not very complicated, and so you can even make it on your own for family consumption as long as you can access the ingratiates. You do not have to go to a world class hotel to have a taste of the Spanish latte.

How to prepare a Spanish latte

Making Spanish latte does not need any special equipment. You can use the standard utensils that you usually use on your daily cooking.


• Two espresso shots well prepared

• 1 oz sweetened condense milk

• 5-6 oz textured steamed milk

Once you have prepared all your ingredients, you can follow the following steps:

Step one: make the coffee

The quality of your Spanish latte depends on how well you prepare your coffee. You can prepare this using a full espresso machine also known as a coffee maker. To start, fill the lower part of the device with cold water then add the right amount of finely ground coffee. Place it over low heat till the water rises to the top part of the machine. Ensure that the top part is well concentrated on coffee. You will get the excellent coffee sent. You can now remove it from the heat.

Step two: heat the milk

Just as you would boil milk for other purposes, expose your milk on heat to change its temperature. Do not allow it to cook at this stage. Remember it was already boiled in preparation for the Spanish latte making. You do not need any particular machine to froth the milk. However, if you have a coffee making machine, you can use it. If using a standard pan, you should ensure that you use a wide pan for uniform heating without having it to boil.

Step three: mix the ingredients

This is the last stage for you. At this point, you already have both the prepared coffee and heated milk. You can now combine them as you wish. Traditionally, the quantity of milk and the coffee was to be the same. This is the best ratio that gives the best results. However, there is no rule to take this ratio. Depending on what you would want to taste much, that is what you should go by. If you’re going to feel the coffee flavor more than milk, then you can use more coffee than milk. But if you delight in the creamy part of milk, you can go ahead and have more milk than coffee.

Alternatively, some people prefer to add sugar to the coffee during its brewing. This adds some more sweet taste to your Spanish latte. If you feel you want to add some flavor, it will not interfere with your process. However, the sugar should be in a small amount since too much sugar on the Spanish latte may make you feel nauseated. Just a small amount of sugar is enough for you and your family.

Based on the ingredients of the Spanish latte, you can be sure of some health benefits. The milk in the content comes with nutrients for your healthy living while the caffeine in the coffee is for your energy boost. This means that if you start your day with the Spanish latte, you will have a fulfilling day. Spanish latte makes one of the heavy breakfasts especially when taken alongside other meals in the morning.

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