Facts About Kenyan Coffee

Kenya is a beautiful country with so many things to see and enjoy. Many throughout the world recognize Kenya for its exotic wildlife, breathtaking scenery and an affinity for producing some worlds finest long-distance runners. However, when it comes to coffee, Kenya is known for growing high-quality coffee.

The acidic Kenyan soil of the highlands region works synergistically with a climate that offers a near perfect combination of sunlight to rainfall ratio. These prime conditions enable Kenya coffee growers to produce some of the most in-demand coffee beans in the world.

History of Coffee Production in Kenya

Coffee production started at the beginning of the nineteenth century when John Paterson, a Scottish missionary, started with the cultivation of this popular plant. In the 21st century, Kenya can be called one of the countries which produce most coffee in the world. There are various types of tastes of Kenya coffee, and the reason for this is because it has so many coffee producers.

Coffee beans are categorized during production, and bad beans are eliminated in order to maintain high-quality coffee. Taste of Kenyan coffee is creamy and sweet, with a bit of acidity. If you are a true coffee fan, you will not miss a chance to try at least one cup of coffee.

Coffee growing in this country is well-known as a cooperative industry. Kenya is one of the top 25 producers of coffee in the world. It produces around fifty millions of kilograms per year approximately. If you want to become a true coffee fan, you should try every type of coffee and learn everything you can about its history and production.

Final Thoughts

Kenyan coffee is classified as classic coffee, it’s not too acidic and it has a pure and intense taste. Coffee beans are grown at the heights up to two thousand meters, and this is why its taste is unique. Coffee beans are high quality and it is recommended to drink it after a meal.

Kenya is a country with many secrets, and Kenyan coffee is one of those secrets. Kenya is located in East Africa, near Ethiopia, and it’s well known for its beautiful hills and savannas. Kenyan coffee is definitely a type of coffee you need to try. It has rich and aromatic taste, and it’s very unique compared to other coffees.


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